CMI COVID-19 Policies

last edited: 2021-08-12

These policies may change as we adapt practices to observe physical distancing and enhance safety. Please be patient and review this page regularly.

CMI COVID-19 lab policies have been established with guidance from Harvard University, HMS and the BCMP department. These serve as a supplement to general CMI policies

For additional guidance on working during the COVID-19 pandemic see:
Harvard Research Laboratory Re-Entry Plan
Guidance for HMS Community around Coronavirus (COVID-19)
BCMP Working during COVID-19 

Please send any questions or concerns to

The CMI is open.

Access, Booking and Hours

  • Before booking instrument time, review the CMI Instrument Getting Started Guide for the instrument you plan to use. Updated versions of each are available on each page in Technologies
  • To enter the HMS campus:
    • You must have a valid HUID (or an appointment to meet CMI staff).  
    • You must have completed the Lab COVID-19 Awareness Training or your institution’s equivalent COVID-19 training.
  • Request consultations on the contact page, by email or in PPMS (no drop-ins, please).

Working in the Lab

  • BRING YOUR OWN PIPETTORS (and tips, if yours are not compatible with standard VWR pipette tips. Shared pipettors will not be available.
  • Do not store any samples or supplies at the CMI.
  • WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES. HMS requires masks be worn in all public areas.
  • Wash your hands when you enter the CMI. Repeat regularly while working.
  • Users may wear gloves while working at the CMI, including on instruments and computers.
    • Disinfect or don new gloves opon entering. 
  • Stop work at least 5 minutes before the end of your reservation.
    • Clean up and disinfect your work area and pack up all your supplies.
  • Social distancing is no longer required while working at the CMI:
  • Follow all posted signs with general or instrument specific guidelines.


User training is one of the critical missions of the CMI.

Training has resumed, with the majority of trainings being performed remotely.