CMI COVID-19 Policies

last edited: 2022-03-07

These policies may change as we adapt practices to observe physical distancing and enhance safety. Please be patient and review this page regularly.

CMI COVID-19 lab policies have been established with guidance from Harvard University, HMS and the BCMP department. These serve as a supplement to general CMI policies

All members of the Harvard Community (including all CMI users) who spend any time on campus are expected to be vaccinated against SARS-CoV2 and to receive boosters as recommended.

The CMI is open.

Access, Booking and Hours

  • Before booking instrument time, review the CMI Instrument Getting Started Guide for the instrument you plan to use. Updated versions of each are available on each page in Technologies
  • To enter the HMS campus:
    • You must have a valid HUID (or an appointment to meet CMI staff).  
    • You must have completed the Lab COVID-19 Awareness Training or your institution’s equivalent COVID-19 training.
  • Request consultations on the contact page, by email or in PPMS (no drop-ins, please).

Working in the Lab

  • BRING YOUR OWN PIPETTORS (and tips, if yours are not compatible with standard VWR pipette tips. Shared pipettors will not be available.
  • Do not store any samples or supplies at the CMI.
    • Fully Vaccinated (including recommended boosters)
    • Not in Quarantine
    • Not experiencing a household infection
  • Wash your hands when you enter the CMI. Repeat regularly while working.
  • Users may wear gloves while working at the CMI, including on instruments and computers.
    • Disinfect or don new gloves opon entering so as not to contaminate shared surfaces. 
  • Social distancing is no longer required while working at the CMI.
  • Follow all posted signs with general or instrument specific guidelines.


  • User training is one of the critical missions of the CMI.
  • Training has resumed, with the majority of trainings being performed remotely. 



For additional guidance on working during the COVID-19 pandemic see:
Harvard Research Laboratory Re-Entry Plan
Guidance for HMS Community around Coronavirus (COVID-19)
BCMP Working during COVID-19 

Please send any questions or concerns to


See also: Access