The instruments in the CMI are available for use by all HMS-affiliated academic laboratories.  Limited access may be give to users from unaffiliated academic labs and non-academic labs, at the discretion of the director.  To offset some of the cost of instrument maintenance, all users are charged access fees for training and use of CMI instruments. 

New users should visit the Account Creation page for information on getting started at the CMI.

  • Before beginning work at the CMI, new users from External Academic Labs and Commercial labs are required to submit a CMI User Agreement.

Existing users may login to PPMS to book time or request training.

Harvard Labs

  • Users are in this group if:
    • Harvard University administers the laboratory's grants  AND
    • the lab has a 33-digit code for internal billing
    • the lab is located at a Harvard University School  (this includes HMS, HSPH, FAS, SEAS) 
  • Access fee for users from Quad-based BCMP laboratories are paid by the department.

External Academic Labs

  • Users are in this group if:
    • an institution other than Harvard administers their laboratory's grants 
    • their lab is located at a non-Harvard academic institution (this includes HMS-affiliated Hospitals and research institutions)
  • External Academic Users will be required to submit the  CMI Academic User Agreement, before access. 
  • External users not affiliated with Harvard or Harvard Medical School will need to provide a PO number before access.

Commercial Labs

  • Non-academic access is granted on a case-by-case basis, by the CMI director
    • Priority access is given to Harvard-affiliates and academic users. 
  • All Users from non-academic institutions will need to provide a PO number and submit a signed CMI Commercial User Agreement, before access.  .
  • Harvard Life Lab companies are offered a 25% discount off the standard commercial rates.