The CMI is home to shared instruments for the biophysical characterization of macromolecules and their interactions.  These instruments can be used to measure protein parameters such as thermal stability, secondary structure and oligomeric state, and offer several orthogonal technologies for measuring the kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of binding for protein/protein, protein/ligand and protein/small molecule interactions. 

Interested users may request a preliminary meeting by contacting the CMI or by requesting an account and filling out a training or consultation request in the PPMS booking system.

  • Molecular Properties

    CMI technologies comparison - molecular properties

    Table comparing cmi technologies

  • Molecular Interactions

    cmi technologies comparison - molecular interactions

    cmi technologies comparison - molecular interactions

Data Collection Services!  

In 2022, the CMI launched data collection services for assessing protein quality and sample biophysical properties.   To start a conversation about a data collection services project, please contact the CMI or send a Sample Form to

Required Service Forms:

  • Sample Form, for gathering sample details to aid in data collection.  You may exclude proprietary information in your preliminary form (we'll let you know if essential information is missing). 
  • Academic Services Agreement, for EXTERNAL academic data collection service users
  • OR Industry Services Agreement, for industry data collection service users