Biolayer Interferometry (BLI)

Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) is an optical technique for measuring macromolecular interactions by analyzing interference patterns of white light reflected from the surface of a biosensor tip.  BLI experiments are used to determine the kinetics and affinity of molecular interactions. In a BLI experiment, one molecule is immobilized to a Dip and Read Biosensor and binding to a second molecule is measured. A change in the number of molecules bound to the end of the biosensor tip causes a shift in the interference pattern that is measured in real-time. 

The CMI has two ForteBio instruments for measuring BLI: the Octet RED384 and the BLItz.  The Octet RED384 is more sensitive and higher throughput and can be used for macromolecular and small molecule binding experiments.  The BLItz uses a very small sample volume, but is more time consuming and cannot measure molecules smaller than 10 KDa.


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Required supplies for Octet:

  • ForteBio Dip and Read sensors
  • Black 96-well plate to soak sensors
  • Black 96-well or 384-well plate for samples and reagents


Required supplies for BLItz:

  • ForteBio Dip and Read sensors
  • 96-well plate to soak sensors
  • Black 0.5 ml tubes (provided by CMI)


ForteBio Dip and Read Biosensors:

  • Streptavidin (SA) biosensors, part number 18-5019
  • Super-Streptavidin (SSA) biosensors, part number 18-5057
  • anti-His (HIS1K) biosensors, NEW -for kinetics, part number 18-5120
  • Ni-NTA (NTA) biosensors, part number 18-5101
  • anti-GST biosensors, part number 18-5096
  • See ForteBio website for more sensor types


  • Greiner Bio-One** 96-well black flat-bottom PP, part number 655209 (VWR 82050-784)
  • Greiner Bio-One 384-well black flat-bottom PP, part number 781209 (VWR 82051-318)
  • ForteBio 384-well black tilted-bottom PP, part number 18-5080
** Only Greiner Bio-One brand, black microplates or ForteBio plates are recommended by ForteBio for the Octet sample and reagent plate.