DSF Services

DSF Service Overview

Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (DSF) with fluorescent dye or using intrinsic protein fluorescence

CMI DSF Instruments: Life Technologies Quant Studio 6/7 and NanoTemper Technologies Prometheus NT.Plex

  • Conventional DSF, protein thermal stability using hydrophobic dye Sypro Orange
  • NanoDSF, protein thermal stability using intrinsic protein fluorescence
  • Chemical denaturation
  • Buffer optimization by conventional DSF or NanoDSF


Data Collection Fees Summary

Data Collection Fees

  • Limited Data Collection Services are offered. Service fees will be charged for all completed services, regardless of experimental outcome. 
  • Before submitting samples for data collection, users must approve the estimated charges and be given a date and time for sample delivery.
    • External Users will also be required to submit a PO and a signed CMI User Agreement.
  • Most CMI Data Collection Services include a setup fee plus a per-sample data collection fee. Some services include one or more replicate measurements by default in the sample fee (e.g. DLS and DSF). For others, there may be reduced-price replicate measurement fee (e.g. SEC-MALS and CD) if collected in the same dataset.

Data Collection Fee List

DSF Data Collection Fees


base price

Non-Harvard (+F&A)


Life Lab

DSF thermal shift analysis -plate setup

Setup fee per plate, up to 30 samples, includes lysozyme control and 1 buffer control.  DSF on the QuantStudio using SyproOrange protein stain. In addition to per-sample fee.





DSF sample data collection

Per sample fee, measured in triplicate, 2C/min, in addition to setup fee.





DSF buffer optimization screen

96 conditions NaCl vs pH, 1 measurement each, 2C/min





nanoDSF thermal shift analysis -setup

Setup fee per capillary set, up to 10 samples, includes lysozyme or BSA control. DSF on the Prometheus using protein fluorescence





nanoDSF sample data collection

Per sample fee, measured in duplicate, 2C/min, in addition to setup fee.





nanoDSF Buffer Optimization Screen  

96 conditions NaCl vs pH, 1 measurement each, 2C/min





  • Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (DSF) Assay

    also known as Protein Thermal Shift Assay

    DSF experiment performed on the QuantStudio 6/7 instrument using the hydrophobic dye, Sypro Orange from Life Technologies.

    DSF experiment

  • DSF Buffer Optimization Screen

    96 unique conditions using 8 salt concentrations from 0-1 M NaCl and 12 buffers from pH 4.5 to pH 9.5, including water.  Data collected on Prometheus NT.plex using protein intrinsic fluorescence at 350/330 nm.